Alla KatsnelsonI’m a freelance science writer and editor specializing in biology, health and medicine, technology and science policy. My work has appeared in Nature and its sibling publicationsThe GuardianScientific AmericanBBC Future, SpectrumPsychology Today, Retraction Watch, and other publications. I’m also a contributing editor at The Scientist. I’ve spent time on staff as news editor at The Scientist and as a biomedical reporter at Nature.  I have a special fondness for stories that reflect the complexities of how scientists go about their work. There, I said it: I love writing about research methods, in the field and in the lab. I am especially drawn to stories relating to neuroscience, genetics, food science and policy, clinical trials, microbes, and lately, insects, but I’m game for any good yarn. I also take on writing, research and editing projects for foundations, nonprofts and companies when there’s no conflict of interest with what I cover as a reporter. You can download my résumé here.

In a past life, I did my doctorate on mammalian brain development — rat whiskers, to be specific. (My degree is from the University of Oxford, but I spent half my time at the University of Edinburgh.) I was reborn as a science writer with the help of the Science Communication Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These days I live in western Massachusetts with my furniture-making husband and my mischief-making son.  I’m a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Association of Health Care Journalists.


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